how it all works....

Weddings, of course, are the specialty.  With over 400 weddings completed, there is nothing that can't be handled for your big day.  You will be treated like the absolute rock star you are, and the party will reflect that fun long after we turn out the lights!


Corporate events are a blast with me as well!  Christmas parties, team building events, you name it, it will be a blasty blast!  Let me help you pump up your squad!


Birthday parties?  Yup.  Mitzvahs?  Absolutely.  Class reunions, family reunions, and charity events are all made better with my special brand of music and planning.

Planning.  Planning is key.  In fact, the preparation for your event is more than half of the work done.  Before the first song is played, you will recieve professional, personalized attention and planning of every detail.  Quick responses to your inquiries and scheduled planning meetings will make sure everything is taken care of.  You will walk in the doors, stress free and ready to rock!


I know.  This is probably what you came here for.  There are several standard packages in place that can bring out the best of any budget.  But with so many options and variables available, it would be unfair to you to just throw out some numbers.  Send an email, phone call, smoke signal, whatever works; and with just a quick conversation you'll have a fair and specific price idea for your special event.

Only the best sound gear will be employed for you.  From 50 to 500 guests, the sound system is guaranteed to sound clean, while capable of providing whatever levels you need to get down.  Each package will be specifically catered to include exactly the perfect audio solutions.  All music is digital and at the highest qualities.
Lighting.  Anything you can imagine, it can be done.  Most packages include some amount of mood lighting, but there are tons of options you can add on to set exactly the tone you want.  
  • Uplighting 
  • Effects lights 
  • Fogs and hazers 
  • Spotlights 
  • Tvs with personal or music videos 
  • Confetti cannons 
And so much more!  These are just some of the options available to you!
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